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Jordan UN ambassador: Arab women don't fit single image

17-Mar-2015 - Al-Monitor -- For Dina Kawar, being the permanent representative of Jordan to the United Nations means turning words into action. A longtime supporter of women’s rights, Kawar was handpicked by Jordan’s King Abdullah II. She said, “When His Majesty became king,...


Supercop Returns

17-Mar-2015 - POLITICO LLC -- A victory lap? Hardly. A little more than a year into his second act as the leader of the largest police force in America, Bill Bratton is just coming off a season in which he was forced to watch the profession he loves endure a nightmare. For the...


I was radicalised. So I understand how extremists exploit grievances

02-Mar-2015 - The Guardian -- The unveiling of Mohammed Emwazi as the man behind the “Jihadi John” mask is a reminder that Islamist extremism is an ideology that is accessible to all. It is clear from the news in the past week how powerful a draw it is for such a diverse range of...

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SC9 Nations Panel 1 pt 1
SC9 Nations Panel 1 pt 1

Nations Panel 1 on Social Media at the SC9 Seminar in San Jose, CA

James Stavridis: A Navy Admiral's thoughts on global security
James Stavridis: A Navy Admiral's thoughts on global security

 I'm gonna talk a little bit about open-source security, because we've got to get better at security in this 21st century.

Let me...

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Get SC Brochure Sovereign Challenge is a USSOCOM international engagement program initiated in 2004. The program focuses on preserving the sovereignty of independent nations and examining how extremist threats can violate that sovereignty. The program also encourages development of similar programs to counter or prevent extremism consistent with a nation's national interest and culture to enhance security within the global environment. Seminars and events build upon discussion of security issues and programs developed within the foreign defense, legal attaché, and diplomatic communities.

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    Qaeda planning comeback in Afghanistan

    US exit from Afghanistan could bolster Qaeda: commander

    ‘I turned my back on extremism after seeing too much death’

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