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November 1, 2014 04:08 AM

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Final Update for "The Narrator and the Narrative"

  This will be the final update message leading to the SOVEREIGN CHALLENGE seminar "The Narrator and the Narrative:  The Internet and Radicalization." 

 Thank you for registering for the seminar.

 We look forward to your presence at what...

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DC Seminar Series

Article Information

Here Are the Psychological Reasons Why an American Might Join ISIS

So read the Twitter bio of Douglas McAuthur McCain—or, as he reportedly called himself, "Duale Khalid"—the San Diego man who is apparently the first American to be killed while fighting for ISIS. According to NBC News, McCain grew up in Minnesota, was a basketball player, and wanted to be a rapper. Friends describe him as a high school "goofball"...

Are We Advancing in the Social Media War on Terror?

We appear to be making progress when it comes to combating ISIS propaganda online. That is the message from Rick Stengel, undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, in an interview with CNN.

MEA logs into e-diplomacy

Diplomats are still required to be discreet and master the art of equivocation, but they are also now mandated to be more communicative without giving too much away. This explains multifarious social media initiatives launched by India’s external affairs ministry. The official spokesperson’s Twitter account boasts of more than 132,630 followers....

The Real Social Media Battleground

Much has been made of the contests for credibility that take place on social media during conflict. In the ongoing Gaza war, Facebook, Twitter and other online forums have featured the claims of Hamas versus those of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The current fighting in Iraq has seen continual online salvos fired by the so-called Islamic State...

The Fundamental Horror of ISIS

The mind rebels at the reports of cruelty by the Islamic State, the beheadings, crucifixions, tortures, rapes and slaughter of captives, children, women, Christians, Shiites. The evidence is there on YouTube, in gruesome images and the cries of witnesses too numerous to deny or doubt. Even in a part of the world where terror has been perversely

Opinions & Perspectives

The Ebola Outbreak, International Broadcasting, and Social Media

These are busy times for those engaged in international politics on social media. Russia’s propaganda machine is at full throttle, twisting facts on the ground in Ukraine inside out. ISIL has developed slick and sickening videos and has turned social media into a recruiting office. Meanwhile, the...

The Simpsons Go to China

Later this fall, “The Simpsons” will begin streaming in China, as part of a new multi-year deal between Fox and Sohu, a minor colossus in the competitive world of Chinese Web portals. While more popular sites like Baidu and Sina have won over young users by investing in gaming and social networking,...

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