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Newly PostedRefugee crisis ‘tests EU’s core ideals’

31-Aug-2015 - GulfNews -- Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday said the refugee crisis facing Europe is testing the core ideals of universal rights at the heart of the European Union.


The Refugee Crisis and the Drop in the Bucket Fallacy

28-Aug-2015 - WHIRLED VIEW -- The Greek island of Kos can’t accommodate all the refugees who land on its shores. Nor can Greece alone deal with all those who turn up on its sea-washed territories.


Time to whip ISIS on the Internet, Part 3: Getting public policy right

26-Aug-2015 - -- Defeating ISIS will require a unique combination of tools – a strong defense of American values on the Internet and beyond, a smart messaging strategy, cooperation between the government and the private sector, and more. Among these tools, however,...

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Is there a line journalists should not cross?
Is there a line journalists should not cross?

Security expert Mia Bloom and former jihadist Mubin Shaikh debate the value of pursuing provocative content in light of extreme reprisals.

SC10 - Video - Grace Akallo
SC10 - Video - Grace Akallo

  Video presentation of Grace Akallo at the Sovereign Challenge 10 conference in San Diego, CA.

SCVIII - Brian Wills - Video
SCVIII - Brian Wills - Video

Brian Wills video presentation at the Sovereign Challenge VIII Conference

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Get SC Brochure Sovereign Challenge is a USSOCOM international engagement program initiated in 2004. The program focuses on preserving the sovereignty of independent nations and examining how extremist threats can violate that sovereignty. The program also encourages development of similar programs to counter or prevent extremism consistent with a nation's national interest and culture to enhance security within the global environment. Seminars and events build upon discussion of security issues and programs developed within the foreign defense, legal attaché, and diplomatic communities.

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    Taliban attack on Afghan parliament in Kabul ends

    Qaeda planning comeback in Afghanistan

    US exit from Afghanistan could bolster Qaeda: commander

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