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July 30, 2014 01:17 PM

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 This is update #8 on SOVEREIGN CHALLENGE XII which will be held at the National Defense University in Washington DC April 22-24.

Please note that this conference will be held in Washington, DC and NOT in New York as originally envisioned.  We apologize for any confusion,...

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  Countering Online Radicalisation A Strategy for Action
  Summary - Countering Violent Extremism Working Group
  Good Fences: The Importance of Setting Boundaries for Peaceful Coexistence
  The Power of Non-State Actors
  Jihad Trending
  SC 12 - Group Photo - High Res Download

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DC Seminar Series

Article Information

The State Department’s Twitter Jihad

The skirmish began like so many others: with a tweet. On June 26, a Twitter user with the handle @AboudouAbdallah, who identifies himself as living in Morocco and supporting the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), tweeted the following remark: "I just want to remind you never forget what happens to your 'soldiers'

Mandela Day is a call to put Ubuntu into action!

18 July is Nelson Mandela’s birthday. It is also the first ‘Mandela Day’ to be marked since we lost him after a long illness. Mandela Day is an opportunity for each of us to bring the best out of ourselves by taking some form of action in solidarity with others, to be of service, and to inspire change in our world. As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon...

An Analysis of Tunisia’s Draft Counterterrorism Law

This report analyzes Tunisia’s draft counterterrorism law and assesses to what extent the proposed law conforms to international human rights standards. The draft law was submitted to the National Constituent Assembly, Tunisia’s parliament, by the Council of Ministers in January 2014 and is under review.

Social media and extremism – is Europe failing to tackle the issue?

Governments are at a loss over how to tackle extremist groups’ “highly-intelligent and unprecedented” use of social media, it’s been claimed. Anti-extremism think-tank the Quilliam Foundation says authorities are failing to provide the counter-narrative to radical online propaganda.

China supports Iraq to maintain sovereignty, calls for inclusive gov't: envoy

The Chinese Middle East envoy said here on Monday that China will firmly stand with the Iraqis in its efforts to preserve sovereignty, independence and combat terrorism.

Counter-Terrorism: The Swarm

Dutch counter-terrorism experts fear that Islamic terrorism in Holland, and elsewhere, is becoming more difficult to deal with because of what they call the “swarm effect”. This is partly the result of intelligence being able to quickly identify Islamic terrorist groups that are organized and take them down before they can make attacks.

Gang leader who trafficked more than 100 women to Britain is jailed for 31 years

The leader of a gang that trafficked more than 100 women to Britain has been jailed for 31 years as a judge condemned the “misery and degradation” its members inflicted on their victims.

Fears of Extremism Rise in Lebanon, Muslim Nations

Fears about Islamic extremism are rising in Lebanon and other large Muslim populations from the Middle East to South Asia and support for radical groups is on the slide, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Vietnam, Australia Sign Treaty To Fight International Crime

Australia and Vietnam have signed a treaty to target transnational crime and strengthen Australia's international crime-fighting capabilities in the region.

In Conversation on Antarctic sovereignty: full discussion

Antarctica is a continent less suited to human habitation than any other. Temperatures rise above freezing only briefly on the northern Antarctic peninsula. At the coast mean temperatures range between -10°C and -30°C. In the high inland they are as low as - 60°C.

Opinions & Perspectives

Russia's long-range anti-extremism weapon

A new law just signed into force in Russia envisages penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment for what are termed ‘calls to extremist activity via the Internet’. With a leading Crimean Tatar newspaper deemed extremist for using such unkind words as ‘annexation’ and ‘Russian occupation’, the dangers...

Before the Next ISIS, We Need Nonviolent Counterterrorism Strategies

A relatively new group engaging in non-state political violence, ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, recently called for the creation of an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria and a continuation and strengthening of jihad during Ramadan, according to a video that emerged through social media.

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