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The Educational, Psychological, and Social Impact of Discrimination on the Immigrant Child

17-Sep-2015 - MPI -- The past 15 years have seen a surge in research examining how and when the children of immigrants experience discrimination, and what the psychological and educational consequences are. Discrimination—simply defined as harmful actions toward others...


Bangkok blast erupts from poor diplomacy, transnational crime

09-Sep-2015 - The Straits Times -- More than three weeks after Thailand's worst bomb attack in central Bangkok claimed 20 lives and injured more than 130 people, the evidence gathered so far is offering some clarity after the initial confusion and controversy.


European railways become ground zero for the migrant crisis

02-Sep-2015 - Washington Post -- European railways were ground zero Wednesday in faltering efforts to contain the continent’s burgeoning refugee crisis, with thousands of asylum-seekers camped out at Hungary’s main train station and service between Paris and London disrupted...

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SCCE - Ali Rasul - Clip2gether
SCCE - Ali Rasul - Clip2getherNewly Posted

Clip2gether aims to build tolerance between difference religions and cultures of Germany by encouraging individuals to take a ‘2fie’,...

SCCE - Town Hall Discussion
SCCE - Town Hall DiscussionNewly Posted

Town Hall Discussion at the Challenging Extremism: Engaging the Successor Generation

SCCE - Tony Sgro
SCCE - Tony SgroNewly Posted

Tony Sgro and the EdVenture Partners presentation at the Challenging Extremism: Engaging the Successor Generation

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Get SC Brochure Sovereign Challenge is a USSOCOM international engagement program initiated in 2004. The program focuses on preserving the sovereignty of independent nations and examining how extremist threats can violate that sovereignty. The program also encourages development of similar programs to counter or prevent extremism consistent with a nation's national interest and culture to enhance security within the global environment. Seminars and events build upon discussion of security issues and programs developed within the foreign defense, legal attaché, and diplomatic communities.

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