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A Fragmented Government Awaits Portugal's Next President

26-Jan-2016 - Stratfor -- Portugal's next presidential election is fast approaching, at a time when the government is anything but stable. According to the polls, center-right candidate Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is a shoo-in to win the Jan. 24 vote, already 36 points ahead of...


Getting to the Root of France's Muslim Dilemma

26-Jan-2016 - Stratfor -- The jihadist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo signified the beginning of a new period of insecurity for France. Since those shots rang out a little over a year ago, France has been beset by threats, false alarms and more successful attacks


Putin's Russia Is More Stable Than It Seems

26-Jan-2016 - Stratfor -- A quick scan of the press, social media and even some scholarly literature reveals significant discussion about the prospects for instability that are facing Russia. The general theory usually goes something like this: The dramatic drop in world oil...

  Training Resources

Training -- The Changing Global Order

This course deals with international relations, peace and security and brings together a number of experts from the field and academia to share their...

Training -- Understanding Terrorism and the Terrorist Threat.

START will be leading a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) titled, "Understanding Terrorism and the Terrorist Threat," offered through Coursera....

Training -- UNDOC Counter-Terrorism Learning Platform

The Platform is the interactive tool specifically designed to assist criminal justice officers with their needs in the field of international...

  Sovereign Challenge

Get SC Brochure Sovereign Challenge is a USSOCOM international engagement program initiated in 2004. The program focuses on preserving the sovereignty of independent nations and examining how extremist threats can violate that sovereignty. The program also encourages development of similar programs to counter or prevent extremism consistent with a nation's national interest and culture to enhance security within the global environment. Seminars and events build upon discussion of security issues and programs developed within the foreign defense, legal attaché, and diplomatic communities.

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POP: 127 Million
EST: 660 BC

RADM Yuki Sekiguchi

Rear Admiral, Defense & Naval Attache

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    U.S. Treasury blacklists ex-yakuza boss Tadamasa Goto

    Japan aids Central Asian border security

    Taiwan: Relations With Japan A Role-Model For Regional Peace

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