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Opinion: What makes young people vulnerable to extremism?

24-Nov-2015 - Edmonton Journal -- For many of us who watched the recent events in Paris with a combination of fear, horror and indignation, the inevitable question we come to is “why?” Why do these individuals participate in acts of terrorism?


HSI, Peru's National Tax Administration sign agreement to combat trade-based money laundering

24-Nov-2015 - ICE Newsroom -- U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer Alan Bersin and Peru’s Deputy Superintendent of the National Tax Administration (SUNAT)


Terror attacks push CIB's focus towards transnational crimes

23-Nov-2015 - Bangkok Post -- The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on Nov 13 have persuaded the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) to step up its work in suppressing transnational crimes.

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Dolph Lundgren | Fighting against human trafficking | TEDx
Dolph Lundgren | Fighting against human trafficking | TEDx

The movie Rocky IV turned Dolph Lundgren aka Soviet boxer Ivan Drago into a Hollywood star. Exactly 30 years later the Fulbrighter Dolph Lundgren...

SCCE - Ali Rasul - Clip2gether
SCCE - Ali Rasul - Clip2gether

Clip2gether aims to build tolerance between difference religions and cultures of Germany by encouraging individuals to take a ‘2fie’,...

SCCE - Town Hall Discussion
SCCE - Town Hall Discussion

Town Hall Discussion at the Challenging Extremism: Engaging the Successor Generation

  Sovereign Challenge

Get SC Brochure Sovereign Challenge is a USSOCOM international engagement program initiated in 2004. The program focuses on preserving the sovereignty of independent nations and examining how extremist threats can violate that sovereignty. The program also encourages development of similar programs to counter or prevent extremism consistent with a nation's national interest and culture to enhance security within the global environment. Seminars and events build upon discussion of security issues and programs developed within the foreign defense, legal attaché, and diplomatic communities.

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    Egypt, facing terrorism, wants high-tech American border security system

    Tug-of-war over Egypt's anti-terror law bill

    Egypt army digs trench along Gaza border to prevent smuggling

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